Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sinclair Clarifies End-Game for Gold- Virtual Reserve Currency Tradable by Central Banks Only

Jim Sinclair today has again clarified his beliefs that the end-game for gold in this global debt/fiat/derivatives crisis will be a virtual reserve currency linked to gold, that is tradable by central banks only.

Gold will re-enter the system, about that there is no question.
My conclusions is that a virtual reserve currency will be created that is tradable by central banks only. It will be a super virtual average of all major trading currencies with gold attached by a world sort of M3 against gold, as a price, held in the implied guarantee and/or currency.
The bullish outcome on gold as an end game is a cause of the intact gold trend fought so hard from $248 to present day by media MOPE. - Jim Sinclair
From JSMineset: