Tuesday, November 15, 2011

CNBC Lets Ron Paul Talk, Announces Paul Leader in Iowa

For those who missed Larry Kudlow's One-On-One tonight with Ron Paul, CNBC shockingly announced Ron Paul as one of the front runners in Iowa, and allowed Paul to speak uninterrupted!

Full video interview as well as transcript are included below:


An iowa poll shows ron paul has vaulted to the lead. actually, a four-way tie between herman cain, ron paul, mitt romney, and newt gingrich. here now congressman ron paul. you are among the four-way dead heat. you are surging there. the campaign is very pleased with what's happening. i'm very cautious also. we still have a lot of work to do. we'll keep plugging away. one thing i feel good about is when we get supporters, they're pretty solid, and they don't come and go. they're pretty solid and they'll stick with me. that to me is very encouraging. congressman, what's your key message right now to the republican voters in iowa that will caucus? well, the main thing is have i talked about for years is we need to dramatically change our approach to government. not so much you get rid of waste and fraud, which i think we should. it's bigger than that. i think it's a role of government. i want to talk about our foreign policy. of course, you know i talk a lot about monetary policy and monotizing debt is -- we have to worry about spending here at home. i say you have to cut spending. that to me is the top of the list, and i propose and i have gotten good reception on it that we ought to cut $1 trillion out of the first year's budget to show the financial system that we're serious, and we're not going drive ourselves into this sovereign debt crisis that the rest of the world is involved in already. we're talking a lot tonight on the program about the super committee votes coming up, and it's a very hot topic every where around the country. what do you make of these rumors and reports that republicans are agreeing to $600 billion or $700 billion, or $800 billion that exceed the spending cuts, and it could be less than one-to-one spending versus revenues. what do you make of that, and what would you do about it? well, if i had anything to do with it, i wouldn't accept it. i certainly wouldn't accept it nor vote for it. if it goes through, and that is resolved, i that i seals the fate for the republicans the next go-around as sort of what george bush sr. did. i won't raise taxes. he raised taxes, and he was punished for it. i think therll be a punishment, and i don't think that there will be any changes in the executive branch, but i'm offering something different, and if we prevail, those kind of things won't happen. wouldn't the gop be better off, sir, on this point to take the across the board spending cut trigger? why not take that? at least it comes to, if i'm not mistaken, over $1 trillion in spending cuts. oh, yeah. that's better than not doing anything or raising taxes, but even then from my vooi viewpoint isn't very much because that's over a long period of time, and it doesn't really address the major problems, so it would be better, though, i agree with you. it would be better than doing what it looks like they might do, raise taxes and pretend that they're going to get more cuts. that's not going to happen. that's been tried before, and the cuts never come about. what we do is only good for one year. these ten-year programs, this base line budgeting, that is what's wrong, and that's why i claim that this year's budget, the year that we're working in is the only thing that counts, and that's why we have to address it, and we have to cut spending in a very significant manner. you know, just last thought quickly, sir. you have an ally on the fed, believe it or not. last night on the show dallas fed president richard fisher told me he was totally opposed to any more quantitative easing and felt we had already done too much quantitative easing. now, i know you have suggested jim grant as a fed chairman. would president ron paul look at a richard fisher as treasury secretary? well, certainly. you should be open. i just happen to know jim very well, and fisher did write me a note recently, and it was a friendly note, and he says he didn't agree with a lot of what i say, but he was in agreement with a significant amount of it. it was a friendly overture to me, and i think you should talk about w people because you won't get everybody agreeing with all the issues, but i just want to curtail some of the powers. of course, at the beginning i would like to change the whole system, but i think it's an unrelenting monotizing of debt that is creating credit out of thin air that will cause great harm. it's already caused great harm. it's going to take a while for us to work our way out of that mess. thank you. texas among the front runners in a dead heat in iowa. thank you, sir, as always. thank you.
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