Saturday, October 29, 2011

Judge Napolitano & Nigel Farage on the Eurocrisis- "There Will Be a Revolution"

"There is a danger that at some point in time, the markets will just overwhelm this thing. And it won't matter whether the bailout fund is $1 Trillion or $2 Trillion or $3 Trillion, events will just become too big for it.
And the risk is this. We can talk about economics until the cows come home, but the reality is that if you strip a country of its democracy- if you take away from it the ability of their own elected goverment to do things- be it bad or good things, and you turn it over to 3 foreign bureaucrats- 1 from the IMF, 1 from the European Commission, 1 from the European Central Bank.  Once a fortnight they land at Athens airport, and they tell the Prime Minister what he can and can't do
I put it to you that if you rob people of their ability to determine their own futures, they will turn to violence, and I believe that what will happen in Greece before too long is there will be a revolution.   That is just how serious, and how STUPID this whole thing is!
Full interview below: