Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Is Silver the Next Apple?

Kevin Wides has produced an excellent piece for KWN comparing Apple's massive bull market over the past decade (which saw the stock appreciate over 70 fold) with silver. 
Wides highlight's 5 massive bull market corrections in Apple (1 was -82%!) vs comparable severe corrections in silver.
Being right, and sitting tight are truly different things.  Those who are able to sit tight and ADD to their positions during severe corrections in silver will likely be exceedingly rewarded by the end of the bull market.

 Apple’ 5 major corrections
1 -82%...
2 -27%...
4 -43%
5 -56%

When you turn to the silver market, if the price of silver were to equal the bull move in Apple (so far), it would have to go up to $300 an ounce.   
You can see the same type of gut wrenching corrections have taken place in silver which are very similar to those moves in shares of Apple.
Silver’s 4 major corrections
1 -36%
2 -38%
3 -61%
4 -47%
Read more from Kevin Wides at KWN: