Monday, September 12, 2011

Wynter Benton: Greece to Default by Wednesday, JPM Silver Derivative Bomb to Explode by October

Wynter Benton's latest post this morning states sources inside of Greece expect a hard Greek default by this Wednesday. 
Watching the action on the Greek 1-year bond this morning, we're not sure they will be able to last that long.
WB is also calling for the explosion of JP Morgan's silver derivative bomb by October unless the cartel can smash silver temporarily back under $36.

Will today be the day The Morgue closes below $30?

But that is not even the relevant question anymore. The relevant question is what will The Morgue be at when it reports earnings this October because by then the derivative bomb will explode unless silver resets under $36.

Btw, our sources out of Greece says that Greece will default by this Wednesday. Just passing this info along, that's all. Let's see if our understanding turns out to be correct or not.

Either way The Morgue......... da, do da.........

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