Friday, September 9, 2011

Steven Leeb: Gold & Silver Bull Rally to Date is Just an Appetizer for What's to Come

Steven Leeb discusses where gold and silver are headed long term as well as the astonishing statements by the Fed this week stating that they no longer care to contain inflation in his latest KWN interview.

The rally in gold has just started.  We haven’t had the inflation yet.  What we’ve had right now is an appetizer for what’s to come in the gold and precious metals markets.
Gold is going to go much, much higher and silver is headed into triple digits, that’s just the way it is.  Gold is going to become the asset of choice in this country and right now it is not even considered to be an asset class (by the mainstream).  It will be ‘the’ asset class in the next several years.  You’re looking at things you don’t even want to think about because if you say what could happen, people look at you like you’re a lunatic.