Saturday, September 10, 2011

Stack The Smack: The Silver Rap

SilverDoctors' reader Ennis has put Stack the Smack to lyrics and written a Silver Rap!

Stack the Smack,

Whenever there's a smack,
Stop yer cryin'
And get to buyin'
'Cause that's a good time to stack,

So be a wise man,
Stack anyway you can.

Lest you become a poor man,
A miserable old man,

You can Stack with dollar cost averaging,
No need for anguishing,
Or Stack 'em when you've got dollars,
No need to be a scholar,

Stack 'em systematically,
Or Stack 'em hysterically.
Or Stack 'em just plain randomly,
And learn to wait patiently,

Stack 'em by the ounce,
Or Stack 'em by the gram,
Even Stack 'em by the Kilo,
If you're so big, that you can,

400 ounce Au London good delivery bar?
Pfft !

1000 ounce Ag London good delivery bar?
Pfft !

Remember dear bloke,
Do keep it physical,
Lest you end up broke,
And truly miserable.

Do keep it in hand,
Or even in sand,
Just out of the bank,
Or any other skank,
(look up verb definition of skank)

100 ounce Au Comex?
5000 ounce Ag Comex?
I say Good Luck,
You silly schmuck,
The Comex Anthem,
You may sing, "Oh WTF"

Don't trust those ETF,
They're just more WTF,

So, do keep it real,
You'll gain like a steal,
As all that is paper,
Will turn to vapor,

And all that is real,
Will be the new deal,

So Stack Stack away,
Build your Gold/Silver bouquet,
You'll be singing Hooray,
Despite the foul play.

So when a Smack comes along,
Do rejoice singing this song:
Thank you very much,
For the Smack, as such,
For my Money doth grow,
With no-one to owe,

No counter-party risk,
When it's in your fist,

So Stack 'em away,
Any way you can,
And Stack 'em away,
Whenever you can,

The sooner, the better,
So be a go-getter,
Now is what matters,
Lest you end up in tatters,

Time, it runs out,
So don't lounge about,
As the end game draws nigh,
Get off your arse and go buy,

So I plead for you man,
And give you a battle plan,
Better than your pension plan,

Go Stack 'em while you STILL can!