Wednesday, September 14, 2011

APMEX to Pay Donald Trump in GOLD for Manhattan Security Deposit

Either this is a major publicity stunt for APMEX (to gain some publicity from the sheeple, not from informed PM bugs like yourself), or else APMEX has never heard of Gresham's Law.

Also notice the WSJ's little jab at gold ala The Bernank.... "No money will change hands"
Don't you mean no intrinsically worthless toilet-paper fiat will change hands?

Maybe Donald can use the 96 oz deposit as a pillow for his young son Barron who might as well be named Midas.

Baby Barron William Trump

On Thursday, the newest tenant in Donald Trump's 40 Wall Street, a 70-story skyscraper in Manhattan's Financial District, will hand Mr. Trump a security deposit worth about $176,000. No money will change hands—just three 32-ounce bars of gold, each about the size of a television remote control.

The occasion will mark the first time the Trump Organization has accepted 99.9% pure gold bullion, rather than cash, as a deposit on a commercial lease. The tenant, precious-metals dealer Apmex, will sign a 10-year lease for 40 Wall's 50th floor at a leasing rate of about $50 a square foot, according to ...
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