Thursday, August 25, 2011

Jim Sinclair: Margins on Gold and Silver Will Rise to CASH Before Bull Market Ends

Legendary gold trader Jim Sinclair sent out an email update to subscribers tonight in which Sinclair stated that margin rates on gold and silver will rise to CASH before either sees full valuation.

This is a topic we discussed in May during the CME's 5 successive silver margin hikes.
We recommend that readers (especially those who are NOT professionals) avoid the futures markets and purchase PHYSICAL gold and silver bullion.
For those choosing to trade in the futures market, always be prepared for margin hikes, and plan on the exchanges raising both maintenance and initial requirements continually until they eventually equal CASH!

What is at the heart of the violent markets? The answer is Skier Illustration number 3.
 Will Bernanke do something in the coming week? It does not matter in reality as business conditions are headed to a double dip in which the double could be wild on the downside. The Fed will act because of the balance sheet condition of the US and Western world financial industry devoid of false OTC derivative values.
 Liquidity will be provided and Skier Illustration number 3 will take place, taking the US dollar lower and Gold to higher highs either now or very soon. As far as margin rates are concerned, they will rise to cash on both gold and silver before either sees full valuation.

You have heard from me on this gold reaction. Now hear from the extremely accurate Alf fields:

"The good news is that once the anticipated correction has been completed, gold should commence intermediate Wave 3 of Major 3. This should be the longest and strongest up-wave of the entire Bull Market. Expect high volatility and very high prices during that up-wave."

Now let's here from Kenny Adams, Master Technician, on long term trends:

"So far we have the potential for a topping action that may generate a moderate to deep correction - but not a long extended correction - not a termination of a bull trend."

Now lets hear from Dean of Gold, Harry Schultz:

"Don't bother me now. Call me when gold trades at $2400."

So stop worrying. At the worst this is a fast, deep correction before much, much higher prices for Gold.

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