Thursday, July 14, 2011

Will JP Morgue Be First in Line for Physical Silver?

Our friends at Dont-Tread-On.Me are back with an excellent summary of 11 reasons to buy physical silver.  Perhaps the most explosive (and likely correct) reason given by Silver Shield is the expectation that when the paradigm shift finally occurs, The Morgue and friends will be first in line to pick up PHYSICAL SILVER. 
Jim Sinclair has often stated this fact as well- expect the bullion banks to make the largest profits in this gold and silver bull.
Once the paper game is over, expect them to front-run the masses into gold and silver.

1. Physical investors who have been stacking physical silver will be stunned by the sudden appreciation. It will be akin to someone winning the lottery. They will shocked at the enormity of their new found wealth which occurs at the same time the economy becomes an absolute horror show. A shift in the perception of wealth will confirm that they are holding something truly precious. The years of being told they are crazy for buying silver will finally give way to,  “you were right.”After the shock wears off,  these newly minted kings will seek to make the most off of this once in a life time opportunity. These men were astute enough to buy silver when everyone said they were nuts,  they are certainly now not going to give up what they have for some dirty dollars that they did not want years ago. They will wait for something much,  much better. They will not see immediately many opportunities to invest their new wealth in,  because the final throes of the debt based economy will be horrific. No one will invest when it is not certain what will happen to humanity. They will have no choice but to wait until the act plays out and the music stops.
6. JP Morgan the ultimate silver buyer? In the final act I do not expect JP Morgan to fall on the sword to defend a failing system. JP along with many other banks know full well the reality of the physical silver market. They have been perpetuating this fraud on a massive scale for years. They have kept the regulators at bay by having their boys actually become the regulators. They know full well that they are trading 100 paper ounces to 1 physical ounces. They are doing this because it is easy money to make now. During this mentality shift they will change with the wind and be first in line for the real metal that they are in control of. These banksters will most likely shift their losing silver short positions on to some other shell company,pension fund,the Federal Reserve or most likely the tax payers. These former silver shorts could ride the physical silver market all the way up. (I may have to change my Blythe Masters Rides The Silver Rocket pictures to ones of ecstasy…)
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