Tuesday, July 26, 2011

HKMEx Silver Futures Update

The HKMEx silver futures continues to slowly ramp up trading volume.
Currently, HKMEx silver futures volume is up to 302 contracts (1,000oz/contract instead of 5,000oz/contract on the COMEX) or 302,000 oz.
While this is clearly child's play compared to COMEX paper silver volume, the large majority of HKMEx silver futures does likely represent physical silver bullion, rather than the 10 quintillion to 1 (only slight exaggeration) paper silver to bullion ratio on the CRIMEX.
We'll continue to keep an eye on the HKMEx as volume increases.

Last* Change Open High Low Volume
Sep 201140.90+0.6740.94  41.75 40.90  151
Oct 2011-----  0
Nov 2011-----  0
Dec 201140.92+0.6740.96  41.78  40.92  151
Jan 2012-----  0
Mar 2012-----  0
May 2012-----  0
Jul 2012-----  0
Total Volume302