Monday, July 25, 2011

3rd Cartel Silver Raid of the Morning

For those who didn't believe us when we said that should silver clear $41, it will be off to the races, perhaps 3 separate cartel silver raids in 3 hours will convince you.
Amazingly, silver continues to hold $40.
Blythe cannot be pleased.
As those who have watched The Life of a Silver Hitman are aware, the desperate short term actions are meaningless to silver in the long term.  Respond to price weakness (induced by the raid) and BTFD!

*UPDATE: Make it 4 cartel attempts to knock silver under $40 today.  Blythe finally succeeded on the 4th try....for roughly 5 minutes.  Right back to $40.40 now.  Situation is getting desperate for the cartel.
Silver Margin Hike imminent?
Queen Blythe is NOT Pleased!