Friday, April 22, 2011

Know Where Silver's Headed? Predict Silver's May Close and Win a SILVER EAGLE!

Think you know where silver’s headed? TELL US AND WIN A FREE SILVER EAGLE FROM SILVERDOCTORS!
Submit your prediction for the price of silver at the end of the May delivery month, and the reader who comes closest to the May closing price will win a FREE US SILVER EAGLE FROM SILVERDOCTORS!

As May is shaping up to potentially be the grand finale in the great silver manipulation, we decided to have some fun, and hear from our readers what they predict the May delivery process will do for silver prices! This alone would be enough fun, but we thought we’d raise the stakes by rewarding the best prediction with a US silver eagle!

*One prediction per person
*One BONUS prediction per person for Retweeting this contest, adding SilverDoctors as your friend on facebook, or following us on!

We’ll accept your predictions in the comments section of this post now through 11:59 p.m. eastern April 30th.

After April 30th we'll toss out the outliers and compile an average of all the predictions, to see how well the silver community as a whole can come to predicting the price of silver over a month out during a COMEX delivery month!
For the benefit of the silver community as a whole, include the reasoning behind your prediction.
Good luck, and buckle in!  We appear to be in for quite a ride over the next month!

P.S. Include your name or screen name if you want to be included in the drawing.  If the closest guess is posted as anonymous, we will pick the next closest guess. - The Doc